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The First Aid First Responder Station is a custom built mobile safety trolley with the safety equipment and alarm system of your choice mounted to the trolley, to provide easy access to safety equipment in an emergency.  

First Responder Station Trolley options

  • CPTRLY4 1800mm x 900mm wide Trolley
  • CPTRLY5 1500mm x 650mm wide Trolley

First Aid Equipment Options

  • National compliant first aid kits
  • Defibrillator
  • Bleed kit/Trauma kit
  • Eyewash kit
  • CPR kit
  • Oxygen kit
  • Other custom items available

Cygnus Wireless Alarm Call Point options

  • CYG24 Evacuation Call Point with 110 dB(A) siren
  • CYG24-85DB Evacuation Call Point with 85 dB(A) siren
  • CYG24F Evacuation/First Aid (Nurse Call) Point with 110 dB(A) siren
  • CYG34 Heat Detector
  • CYG44 Smoke Detector
  • CYG54 First Aid (Nurse Call) Point with 85 dB(A) siren
  • PIR Motion Detector for after hours monitoring of intruders
  • Tamper switch on cabinet door to alert staff when cabinet door is opened
  • Connect to an SMS sender or paging system using Cygnus control panel


First Aid First Responder Station options

  • Polyethylene weather proof cabinet
  • Tamper switch on cabinet door, activates alarm when door is opened (deters misuse of safety equipment, and alerts safety personnel of potential incident)
  • No cabinet
  • Small national compliant first aid kit in ABS weather proof enclosure
  • Large national compliant first aid kit contents for large poly enclosure
  • Small fire extinguisher mounted in vehicle clamp type bracket.
  • Sticker kit for equipment identification
  • A4 Aluminium Snap Frame for Site Evacuation Plan or Safety Personnel contact details
  • Reflective tape kit
  • Photo luminescent tape kit
  • Company logo sticker kit
  • Eye wash station
  • Lens cleaning station
  • Sunscreen applicator
  • Any other safety product/dispensing unit that you require

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