UV Resistant Fire Extinguisher Cover – Large


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Plastic UV Resistant Fire Extinguisher Cover - Large

  • Made from UV Resistant Plastic
  • Suitable for use on Larger Extinguishers like the 9kg ABE

About this Cover

This UV resistant cover is perfect for fire extinguishers located outside in the weather - protecting it from the sun, dust, rain etc. The large size will work for most larger extinguishers such as the 9kg ABE. Note the product may differ from the image shown.   You also might be interested in our full range of fire extinguishers, please click this link – http://laptopsdirect.net/product-category/commander-fire-protection/fire-extinguishers/ To view our full range of accessories, parts & signage, please click this link - http://laptopsdirect.net/product-category/accessories-parts/

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